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Love this laundry sorter! It has made doing laundry so much easier! I used to have all of my laundry in one large laundry basket that I would have to drag downstairs and sort on the floor. I usually waited until the weekends to do laundry since it was such an ordeal. Now the laundry is sorted into the individual bags and I can just grab a bag when it's full and take it downstairs to wash. The whole cart is very good quality. The bags hold quite a bit of laundry - definitely a full load per bag. I had a half full bag of white laundry (towels, t-shirts) and was surprised I could even stuff my king size sheets into the bag without anything overflowing. Super happy with this purchase and would highly recommend!

J. Manganoan

We love our beautiful, new dishes!
They are sleek, easy to clean and easy to store.
I've already dropped them a few times and they've made it through unscathed, so great durability.
Highly recommend them.

Whitney Gown

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